On Deciding

I Am Decisive

Last week I posted about appreciation and I intend, going forward, to do a weekly appreciation post. But for this week, I want to talk about my Achille’s Heel: deciding.

I’ve talked about the fact that I’m a Questioner with Rebel tendencies in various places over the past year or so. (If you want to find out where you fall in the 4 Tendencies, something I highly recommend as knowing this is extremely helpful when it comes to habits, change, and just knowing how you handle internal and external expectations, go here. It’s a free quiz and very insightful.) How that appears is like this: I have a VERY hard time deciding on things that matter (trivial things like what to wear I don’t struggle with) and I do NOT like being told what or how to do things unless I ask for that guidance. There is, however, no guarantee that I’ll take your advice, though, because I’m a Questioner and I have to weigh that against all of the other info.

In other words, it is often a mess and I struggle. HARD. I’m told it’s very tedious to watch as well. Fortunately, the people closest to me have already figured out that me struggling is part of the process and that the best thing they can do is just be present for me. And I LOVE them for it.

This past fall I started using the mantra “I am decisive” while meditating. I am one of those people who find it easiest to focus my brain on specific words while meditating because otherwise I’m just quietly daydreaming. I struggled with meditation for a few years before I realized that mantras work best for the way my mind works so I embraced it. As soon as I started using this particular mantra, something clicked. For a short time, I stopped dragging my feet and ruminating and just started making decisions, understanding that just because I decided something didn’t mean I couldn’t change my mind.

Wait, I can change my mind?! I’m allowed to do that?!

This past week I got sick of the struggle. On Wednesday, I decided to start deciding again. I started with deciding that meditation is in my best interest. So Thursday morning, I meditated while the coffee was brewing. Thursday I decided that writing daily is in my best interest. So Friday morning, I meditated while my coffee was brewing, then made my first cup of coffee and did a single page AKA Morning Pages in my journal. Friday night I decided that daily movement (in some form) is in my best interest, so I got up early to meditate, write, and get a workout in before my day started yesterday.

What I’ve come to realize and accept is that for me, deciding is a muscle. For best results, I have to exercise it daily. And for a Questioner, deciding is THE biggest hurdle to clear when it comes to success. Because once we’ve decided something is in our best interest, there isn’t much that can stop us. While consistency gets all the attention, and it is VERY important, deciding daily is what KEEPS me consistent.

Have you taken Gretchen Rubin’s 4 Tendencies Quiz? If you’re struggling with consistency, I invite you to do so and post in the comments where you fall and what you’re struggling with. I’ll respond with my best suggestions.

Happy Sunday!

Weekly Round-Up 5/27/2016

Welcome to this week’s consolidated awesomeness:

Mantra I’m using this week: What I seek is seeking me. This is great for bringing into our lives the things we desire. One of the greatest things about being an adult is that we get to want what we want.

Quote that grabbed me:


Article I had to read a few times: Is Fructose a Key Player in Rise of Chronic Health Problems? Sarah Ballantyne is a scientist first and I have an enormous amount of respect for how she tackles nutrition. I’m not in the “all sugar is evil” camp, because let’s face it, the occasional sweet treat is nice. But I am in the “avoid as much sugar as possible” camp because it’s not something my body functions well with. Give it a read, see if it resonates with you.

What I ate this week: IMG_2590.JPG

My best friend brought me seared scallops to be served with a fresh salsa and I did the above with it. Oh my. I’d never considered serving scallops that way before but it’s definitely something I’ll do again.

Assignment for the coming week: Try something new, preferably something that scares you. Trying new things forces the brain to grow, something that decreases with age and if it’s something that scares you, it helps build resilience. Both are necessary for a happy and healthy life.

There are still spots open for one on one coaching with me. Whether you are wanting help busting through mental barriers that are holding you back or feel like some nutritional tweaking is in order because you haven’t been feeling great, I can help you create actionable steps towards whatever your goals may be. Just send me an email to barbara@whathealthcoacheseat.com to set up your 15 minute initial consultation call.

Weekly Round Up 5/20/16

*I need a new title for this feature. Have a suggestion? Shoot me an email.*

Mantra I’m using this week: I am worthy of (insert item here). I’ve used success in the past, but this week I’ve used love, pleasure, healing and joy. Take a cue from your inner critic. Whatever it says you can’t have, do, or be, that’s what you are worthy of.

Quote I’m loving this week: “The one serious conviction that a man should have is that nothing is to be taken too seriously.” – Samuel Butler

Article that grabbed me this week: Memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s reversed for first time  – This was a very small study, but with a very high success rate, it’s hard to ignore. Diet played an enormous factor in the reversal, something that typically is ignored. If you love someone with dementia, please give this a read. The other consideration is whether or not this protocol would work preventatively (I’m fairly certain it would).

What I ate this week: Vegetables. Lots of vegetables. I traveled a bit last week and my food options were limited. By the time I got home I was craving green stuff.

What I worked on this week: My next big thing!!

Beginning June 1st, I will have 10 spots opening for one on one coaching with me. When I started out, 6 month programs were what I was trained to do and I wasn’t comfortable deviating from that format. Now that I’ve got some experience under my belt and I’ve started writing my book, I’m clearer on how I want to coach and who I want to coach. Here are the details:

  • You will get 6 sessions over the course of 3 months (2 per month)
  • You will have between session email support
  • You will be subscribed to my newsletter (if you aren’t already) for premium content not posted here on the blog
  • The cost for this program is $95 per session for a total program price of $570. However, if you elect to pay for the program in full up front, you’ll receive a discount of $70 bringing the total cost of the program to $500.
  • There is one time slot available per day: 7PM EST Tuesday through Friday and 11AM EST Saturday on a two week rotation
  • I’ll be scheduling 15 minute intake sessions next week. Send an email to barbara@whathealthcoacheseat.com to request yours. I will respond with a couple appointment options for your info session and we’ll have a quick chat about what you specifically are wanting help with. If we are a good fit to work with each other, we’ll schedule your first session from there, though if you know you want a specific time slot, please let me know when you request your intake.

If you’re asking WHO this is for, I have a simple answer. YOU. If you are reading this, you’ve likely poked around this site and have an idea of who I am and why I do this. I am absolutely passionate about helping people create their own health. Sometimes that means looking at how food affects you, other times that means digging deep into old thought patterns. As a matter of fact, I can synthesize my method down to three concepts: mindset, movement, and mindful nutrition. If you are open to it, creating a personalized program will be much more fun than a trip to the doctors.

I am so excited to be able to make this offering available. I can’t wait to see what things I can help you create in your life. This is going to be so good!

Weeky Round Up

Here’s your round up of tips, ideas, and other great stuff.

Book I’m reading: Rising Strong by Brené Brown – I haven’t read Daring Greatly yet, but it’s in the queue. My take away thus far include: Story telling is powerful, powerful stuff. Like any good story though, you can’t skip the middle. That’s where you hit the point of no return, where no matter what you do, your life will be changed.

What I made this week: a pizza frittata (eggs, dried oregano, red onion, garlic, Applegate Farms pepperoni), antipasti salads (nope, not Paleo and not perfect), and chili (modified from Cook’s Illustrated – the only thing I alter is swapping the beans for another pound of ground meat, usually turkey). It was a pretty low key week, though I may attempt some grain free baking this weekend. I have cassava flour I’m really wanting to play with.

Mantra I used: I am a powerful creator. This was definitely helpful as I started writing my book and developing a mini course.

Content my subscribers received: Monday I introduced a new focus to my newsletter subscribers – mindset. I’ve been writing about mindset and it’s role in my evolution for a couple years now so it didn’t feel right to leave that out here when it has been pivotal in my success.

How I moved: Neghar Fonooni’s Lean & Lovely Program – I can’t remember when she released this program, but I’ve run through it a couple times, at least the first two phases. I’m in Phase One right now and it’s amazing to me how quickly the routine of a program helps me find my stride.

Bioindividuality, Mantras, & Messaging

I’ve been pretty immersed in the Women’s Strength Summit the past couple of days. I’ll drown myself in it’s awesomeness again tonight.

I really didn’t intend to write about it but in two days the consistent messages are so incredibly important:

  • What works for me won’t necessarily work for you (bioindividuality)
  • Messaging matters and those messages bombard us from a very early age

It both breaks my heart and makes me angry that there isn’t a single woman in my tribe that hasn’t been directly affected by messaging. But perhaps the most natural but insidious is our own mothers’ relationship with their bodies, food, and dieting.

My mother has been on a diet for as long as I can remember. She also devoured diet books and “health” magazines, which I also devoured because I often read more mature materials than I actually was. Her reasons for dieting run the gamut but they don’t include because it feels good. It breaks my heart.

“I just want to feel better” has been my mantra for the past two years. My diet (in the original definition of the word: way of eating) has evolved to support that mantra. Yes, I still experiment and devour the latest nutrition news but its from a place of curiosity and learning instead of self-loathing and body shaming. But the numbers on the scale no longer have any power over my happiness and self-worth. I also didn’t TRY to lose weight, it just happened, and continues to do so.

I hadn’t realized it until it was mentioned as a possible tactic for minimizing personal exposure to detrimental messaging, but at the same time I decided I just wanted to feel better I eliminated all magazines from my life, including Yoga Journal. It wasn’t something I consciously decided to do, but it certainly fell in line with my new mantra. I’m positive it is one of the things that has made getting to my version of healthy much simpler. I can better focus on what works for me, not whatever celebrity gracing the cover of whatever publication in the checkout lane. I won’t even read them in the doctor’s office.

Maybe my pop culture knowledge is lacking as a result but I can say with glee that pop culture has zero interest or priority for me. Perhaps that makes me weird but I’ll gladly wave that flag. I’m certainly healthier for it.