What’s New & Good: June 2016

What's New & Good

Ah June, the first month of summer. The kids are out of school, strawberry season has come and gone (I forgot to make strawberry shortcake!), and it’s now prime bug season.Β πŸπŸžπŸœπŸ•·πŸ›

As you may have noticed, the timing and title of this feature has changed, for the better in my opinion. This month I’d like to introduce to you the concept of “wins.”

A win is exactly what it sounds like – an accomplishment, something that went exactly the way you wanted it to, something lovely that is unexpected, things that are going, well, GOOD!

This is more than just a gratitude exercise. It’s appreciating and what you appreciate, APPRECIATES! I’ll be going further into depth on this concept for my email subscribers. If you haven’t signed up yet, you’re missing out.

So without further ado:

  • No more freebies. Earlier this month Steph Gaudreau of Stupid Easy Paleo posted to her Instagram feed that people don’t value “free.” This created a ginormous shift for me around what I place value on and my own value in this world. This was the focus of one of my emails out to subscribers – and I’ve only begun scratching the surface.
  • I’ve begun the 100 push-up and 200 squat challenges and found that I’m quite a bit stronger than I’d initially thought. Why push-ups and squats? For a couple reasons, actually. The first is that these two movements are key to our ability to pick ourselves back up when we fall. As we get older, our ability to do so dictates how long we can safely live alone. As an extremely independent woman, the idea of having that independence curtailed due to my physical capabilities gives me the heebie jeebies. The second reason is because they are two of my favorite exercises.
  • I’m still reading BrenΓ© Brown’s Rising Strong and it has repeatedly broken me, in the best possible way, particularly about need and asking for help. This is really a must read. As a matter of fact, I’ll be handing off my marked up copy to my 15 year old son to read when I’m finished. It’s that important.
  • I’ve finally published a book of my poetry. No, I won’t be directing you to it as I’ve written it under a pseudonym – as much for my own privacy as it is for the other parties alluded to in my writing. But I’ve been playing small about it for quite some time, so this is a big personal win for me.
  • I had beer, a REAL, not gluten free, beer. And the consequences were minimal. I won’t lie, I’m ecstatic about this. The ONLY thing I’ve really truly missed since needing to eliminate grains from my diet has been beer. I LOVE good beer, particularly Belgian wheat beers and oatmeal stouts. I’ve had 3 solid years of consciously working at healing my gut so this is excellent news for me. But there WERE consequences, so there will be no free for alls. There is still work for me to do, I’m just over the moon that the occasional beer can be in my future, provided I’m mindful of what my body is telling me.

So tell me, what’s new and good with you?