Weekly Round-Up 5/27/2016

Welcome to this week’s consolidated awesomeness:

Mantra I’m using this week: What I seek is seeking me. This is great for bringing into our lives the things we desire. One of the greatest things about being an adult is that we get to want what we want.

Quote that grabbed me:


Article I had to read a few times: Is Fructose a Key Player in Rise of Chronic Health Problems? Sarah Ballantyne is a scientist first and I have an enormous amount of respect for how she tackles nutrition. I’m not in the “all sugar is evil” camp, because let’s face it, the occasional sweet treat is nice. But I am in the “avoid as much sugar as possible” camp because it’s not something my body functions well with. Give it a read, see if it resonates with you.

What I ate this week: IMG_2590.JPG

My best friend brought me seared scallops to be served with a fresh salsa and I did the above with it. Oh my. I’d never considered serving scallops that way before but it’s definitely something I’ll do again.

Assignment for the coming week: Try something new, preferably something that scares you. Trying new things forces the brain to grow, something that decreases with age and if it’s something that scares you, it helps build resilience. Both are necessary for a happy and healthy life.

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