Weeky Round Up

Here’s your round up of tips, ideas, and other great stuff.

Book I’m reading: Rising Strong by Brené Brown – I haven’t read Daring Greatly yet, but it’s in the queue. My take away thus far include: Story telling is powerful, powerful stuff. Like any good story though, you can’t skip the middle. That’s where you hit the point of no return, where no matter what you do, your life will be changed.

What I made this week: a pizza frittata (eggs, dried oregano, red onion, garlic, Applegate Farms pepperoni), antipasti salads (nope, not Paleo and not perfect), and chili (modified from Cook’s Illustrated – the only thing I alter is swapping the beans for another pound of ground meat, usually turkey). It was a pretty low key week, though I may attempt some grain free baking this weekend. I have cassava flour I’m really wanting to play with.

Mantra I used: I am a powerful creator. This was definitely helpful as I started writing my book and developing a mini course.

Content my subscribers received: Monday I introduced a new focus to my newsletter subscribers – mindset. I’ve been writing about mindset and it’s role in my evolution for a couple years now so it didn’t feel right to leave that out here when it has been pivotal in my success.

How I moved: Neghar Fonooni’s Lean & Lovely Program – I can’t remember when she released this program, but I’ve run through it a couple times, at least the first two phases. I’m in Phase One right now and it’s amazing to me how quickly the routine of a program helps me find my stride.